Our trademark department consists of lawyers and patent attorneys specializing in the field and experienced case handlers and search engineers.  Therefore, we can offer you “one-stop” legal advice on all aspects of trademark protection from registration to legal enforcement.

When preparing a trademark application, we compile an appropriate list of goods and services and provide advice with regard to the type of the mark, e.g. whether it should be a pure word mark, a word/figurative mark or a pure figurative mark.  If required, we also conduct another search in order to avoid any conflict with older trademarks.

We then file the trademark application with, for example,  the German Patent and Trade Mark Office, the EU Trademark Office (EUIPO, European Union Intellectual Porperty Office), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) or (in most cases with the assistance of experienced colleagues abroad) with the competent national offices outside Germany.

We assist in your trademark application up to its final registration and also subsequently defend your interests, e.g.  against any competitors’ opposition.

Furthermore, if necessary, we take active steps against any competitor’s interfering rights to a sign, e.g. by filing oppositions or cancellation actions.

Of course, we also appear for you in German courts in any infringement proceedings and provide legal advice in all licencing matters.  In this case, it is our particular concern to follow an integrated approach, i.e. to take all the various possible industrial property rights into consideration (patent/utility model protection, trademark/domain protection, industrial design protection).

It is, furthermore, essential to be aware of technical aspects concerning the goods and services claimed when obtaining or enforcing trademark protection rights.  At PMP, our patent attorneys specializing in various technical fields take care of this.

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